How We Work

We Find The Best...

We Find The Best…

We help clients find qualified leads through networking and using the SalesX10 database.

We represent the client at business gatherings, such as networking events, trade shows, crowd-funding events, business accelerator forums, and conferences.

We set up and attend the first appointment; then provide feedback.

We follow-up with the prospect and client, tracking the progress of each lead.

... You Do The Rest

…You Do The Rest

Clients are responsible for presenting and closing. The SalesX10 Business Developer does not provide these services.

Clients are responsible for their websites: prospects will want to see your website and will often explore it with the Business Developer during the cold call.

Clients are responsible for providing office space, business cards, and an email and calendar scheduling system for the SalesX10 Business Developer.

Clients are expected to be available to provide basic training and coaching about the business. Frequent onsite contact is a critical ingredient of success.